December 30, 2009

Giveaway update

Less than 48 hours now to sign up for the New Year's Giveaway! I've been very impressed with all the nice comments so far. It got me thinking...
How about: if we reach 50 comments (by separate participants), I'll draw not one, but two names. Two lucky winners, who will each receive the pattern of their choice.
Of course, all the rules laid out originally still apply.


  1. Hi! (I know I've already commented so this one doesn't count!) Was it you who recommended the Shirtmaking book by David Page Coffin? Thankyou for that, I've ordered it at my library, and I've read some very good articles by him on collars in the Threads magazine also...

  2. Great idea! You are very generous. And, congratulations on making the Burda best of 2009 list! What a beautiful dress.....