September 16, 2012

No, I (still) don't need more fabric...

But today, the fabric market was in town. 
This particular fabric market, "Stoffenbeurs", is held twice a year (in autumn and in spring) in various cities across the Netherlands (it has a competitor called "Stoffenspektakel" which is basically the same, it is just held in different places and sometimes at indoor venues).

All combined, the vendors sell lots of fabric, of different kinds and in different quality and price categories. But there are also several stalls selling notions, one with lingerie and swimwear fabric and notions and one with leather. 
Today (Stoffenbeurs actually goes to The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam twice each season, but the latter one in a different location), it was held at a mere 10 minute walk from my home, so, of course, I couldn't resist having a look.
Neither could I resist buying some things, although I like to think I haven't been that bad...

Coupons of black and dark teal/green cotton jersey (I thought both were about 1,70 m at normal with, but it turns out the black one is only 1 m, but very wide) and 3 m of a lovely, smooth and fairly thin (for tweed) muted multicolour tweed. I bought enough for a suit ;)
Unfortunately, the colours in the picture don't look anything like the real thing.
I also bought more of my favorite swimwear elastic and some metal bits for bags I want to make. 
I did resist buying buckles. Somehow I always think I should buy nice-ish buckles. In reality, I have quite a few of them in stash, I usually don't put buckles on the bags I make and I rarely make belts. 


  1. I know how great your fabric markets are :))
    I only wish there was something like that here ... oh wait ... no I don't ;)

  2. Those look like eminently sensible and basic purchases---I always find those the hardest to resist, especially when it's a good deal. Speaking of which, I bought my first vintage buckle kit the other day. Usually I don't buy buckles either since I don't really do the matching belts, but I think I want it for a coat I want to make this winter. And it was twenty-five cents. :D

  3. **envy** Because of the fbric market and the swimwear elastic... I've looked all over my town and I just can't find swimwear elastic!

  4. I miss Stoffenspektakel. Must look up the dates for this market event and maybe next spring I could take a trip...