August 13, 2013

Another crazy jumpsuit

Long-time readers of this blog will be familiar with my fondness of "just-because" projects. And my liking for jumpsuits.
Here, I've combined those preferences.

I've finished the jumpsuit I was musing about last month (you can see the sketch/tech drawing there, as well as some earlier versions of the idea).
The jumpsuit legs have a "cowl" shape along the same lines as my dress from earlier this summer. And I put in slanted pockets.

In the bodice, I've used Pattern Magic's "Tying a bow 1" at the waist. The back is fitted with darts and the short sleeves and collar are cut on. The front edges meet at center front and close with buttons and loops (there's an underlap behind the closure, of course).  

The fabric is a blue/grey crepe. I "made" this stuff myself: A while ago, M gave me a roll of fabric she didn't need anymore. This stuff was meant for the "garment dye" process. On the roll, it's off-white, thin and rather stiff. When put through a high temperature laundry cycle, all the fibres seem to get a bit twisted. The fabric shrinks a bit and becomes soft and drapey. Obviously, during the washing, you can also dye the fabric. In case, I used Dylon dye in "antique grey". 
When M used this stuff, she would test the fabric to calculate the shrinkage, enlarge the pattern pieces to compensate for it, sew the garments from the un-washed fabric and then wash and dye them. Obviously, that's only worth the trouble if you're going to make a larger number of the same thing. I just dyed the yardage.
The end-result is a really soft and float-y jumpsuit. It's a very different look but really comfortable. I think, style-wise, this is as close to early 1930's lounge-pyjamas as I ever got. But I'm no expert on that.  


  1. The result is great! I was waiting for the finished garment and I love the draping, the front tying and the colour. And you have a figure that can wear jumpsuits. *^v^*~~~

  2. That is great! And to manage to achieve such comfort and elegance in a jumpsuit is quite a triumph.

  3. Looks fantastic! and I love the clever pattern magic bow at the waist. Such a good idea... I've pondered that one, I didn't want it to tie at the bust like they have it in the book and couldn't work out how to incorporate it into a garment, putting it at the waist is genius. Thanks so much for the inspiration!