November 18, 2013

Making Pattern Magic

These past two Sundays, I've been teaching Pattern Magic at iFabrica in Amsterdam.

As I announced before, it was a two day course. Participants had to have some sewing experience and it was my aim to let them get to grips with Pattern Magic. I've heard so often (both online and in real life) from people who own and admire the books, but are too intimidated or puzzled to make anything from them. That was the main thing I wanted to tackle in this course. 
Judging from the reactions I got, I think that worked.

Both of the ladies who signed up for this course, and both ladies from iFabrica who took part as well, were, nice enthusiastic people who wanted to be able to incorporate Pattern Magic designs into their sewing. 

On the first day, we made slopers (not the Bunka block. I don't think a waist-length sloper is very practical on its own) via a shortcut. My regular pattern making book contains slopers in standard sizes on tracing sheets. We used those and altered them to fit each individual. Much faster than drafting from scratch. 

Because the group was small, dividing attention was not a problem. So, everyone could pick their own project to work on. Drafting those started on the first day and continued yesterday. The was not enough time for finished products but everyone's patterns were finished and tested so I have no doubts those will become great garments.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I hope that counts for everyone. 
I've got another course coming up next month. It's one day and it's about upcycling and making bags and you can still sign up.  


  1. Wat een leuke foto's! Ik heb vanavond het halsbeleg getekend, de figuurnaad in de mouw verkleind en alles ligt nu gespeld op de blauwe stof. Ben er erg blij mee.

  2. If I was living/working in the UK I would arrange to join in. Sounds like your workshops are brilliant.

  3. Oh I wish I could be there. So much.

  4. I found that I had to commit a day to pick a Pattern Magic design and work on it. Now I don't hesitate to use their designs. I now have to choose which one to work on next. I love Pattern Magic.

  5. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar de eindresultaten, ben dol op deze boeken en patronen!