April 21, 2014

I got distracted...

It seems that whenever I say I'm going to make something, I loose interest and decide to go and make something completely different. And it's no different this time.
Last month, despite knowing I kind of needed another pair of trousers and some  simple tops, I was all set to start on a stripey vintage style dress. Life got in the way and nothing was done. Then, I made a shirt for E and discussed making him a new pair of trousers as well. And mentioned in passing that I should actually start working on a light coat or casual jacket for him too because the old ones are starting to look a bit tired.
I won't even list the many other more or less nice things I have been thinking about making in that same time. There a just too many of those.

This weekend though, I finally had enough time to actually get started on a new project. And, maybe to no-ones surprise (certainly not to my own) I decided to go for something I enjoy designing, drafting and sewing: a sort-of 1950's style dress. 

This is the rough sketch for it. Little cut-on cap sleeves, button front, side zipper and a slim skirt with a feature I always find intriguing when I see it in vintage fashion illustrations: Pleats which are 'buttoned on' the front of the skirt. Mine will have pockets in the tops of those pleats. I'm still figuring out the best way to construct those on the inside but it's just too good of an opportunity to miss.

I'm using this a somewhat coarsely woven but fairly thin cotton. It's a bit denim-like although it's a plain weave. The interesting thing about it is that it's woven with pinstripes but has this bold pattern of flowers and foliage printed over it.
And I thought I'd play to the denim-effect by using these silver-coloured buttons.

I've just started sewing. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it in the coming week.  


  1. I love that fabric! Will look forward to seeing the dress. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is so easily distracted from one project to another.

  2. The design is very "you" :) I'm looking forward to seeing it finished