May 8, 2014


What's not to like about wide legged, high waisted, sailor front jeans? (a little spoiler: If you are a devotee of low-rise skinny jeans and would answer this, rhetorical, question with "everything", this post may not be for you...)

Obviously, there's nothing not to like about a good pair of 1930/40's style jeans. I know there's a popular reproduction pattern out there (by one of the big four, with a side button closure) which has been used by many a seamstress to create lovely vintage style trousers, but, being me, I just had to go and draft my own.
I have made trousers with wide legs before, but so far, they were always based on a normal trouser block which meant they were fitted at the crotch and seat. This time, wanting to get that retro look, I chose to use the easy fitting block (which is normally used as a base for things like pleated trousers). This means added ease both in width and length at the crotch, seat and lower hip.
Which makes for a very comfortable pair of trousers.

I used the same fabric as before. I'm really glad I managed to get this pair cut out of the remaining yardage.
Unlike before, I decided to go all-out on classic golden yellow topstitching this time. These jeans have flat felled seams throughout in thick topstitching thread.

The shape of these is simple: a fairly loose fit at the hip, a high waistband and long, straight wide legs. There are bound pockets with buttons and button loops at the back and the scoop pockets at the front are integrated into the front closure. 
That closure, in fact, was rather easy to construct. I've made plenty of fly fronts and I've stopped thinking of those as difficult a long time ago, but to be honest, the sailor front was less fiddly.

I really like the look of these trousers in a bit of retro styling, with a blouse or top tucked in, like in these pictures (which reminds me: I should really make some more blouses). 
Fortunately, E was willing to take some pictures last Sunday, when the weather was still nice. In the yard behind our apartment, they made these flowerbeds last winter. Now, there are these lovely new plants there and stepping stones. It makes for a much better decor  for a photoshoot than before.


  1. Nice pants! Those airborne photos made me smile!

  2. They look fabulous - and I love your pictures!

  3. Fantastic! If you ever feel like sharing the pattern, send it my way! I am on the look out for the perfect sailor pant pattern and I love these. So well done!

  4. I'm in love with the trousers and would love to wear some this year!