January 14, 2016

Vintage intermezzo

No stories about things I am making today. I haven't found the right fabric for my 1920's dress yet and although I have sewn something else (something more practical), I don't have pictures yet. 
Instead, I have these two odd little things to show you.

My grandmother is moving into a nursing home and we, the family, are clearing out the house where my father and his brothers grew up. This grandmother didn't really enjoy sewing and/or crafting but of course she could do it. And she inherited sewing stuff from an aunt of hers. So, even though she has already given me a lot of sewing stuff (the sewing machine I keep in my bookcase and lots of buttons, among other things), little odds and ends occasionally crop up. Last weekend, I found these in a drawer. Little vintage advertising things.

First is this tiny booklet. Recognize that brand name? 

It's a calendar by Gutermann, for the year 1912 (my grandmother was born in 1927, so this must have come way down the family to end up here). Most of the pages inside are blank, but occasionally, lists of available Gutermann products are printed on the left side. 

I really like the back. This is a range of products we still know and love, 104 years later!

The second object is not as old but I really like the artwork. 

It is an advertising leaflet by Palthe, a company I know as a large chain of dry-cleaners (the biggest chain of cinemas here in the Netherlands goes by the same name but I don't think the two are related. Maybe the founders were...) 

but this booklet displays the dye colours available for autumn/winter 1939/1940. Deep, rich colours which you could pick for cotton or silk dresses and woolen coats... I think these were just the fashion colours because the leaflet mentions you could ask to see the sample book in the store which would contain many more colours, on fabric. 
I wish they still offered this service!


  1. Wow that is cool! I like the old magazines you show sometimes but the little things like this, that also show our countries history a bit more I like even more.

    (the cinema chain lacks the l by the way ;))

  2. Fascinating! Thank you for sharing!