November 8, 2010

A practical experiment

After the self-indulgent sewing extravaganza which was the leather jacket, it was time to tackle one of the few obvious gaps in my self-made wardrobe: simple tops.

After years of sewing, I still find myself wearing the same old black turtle necks from H&M whenever the weather starts to cool. Especially if I want to wear an eye-catching skirt. The olive drape-neck top was definately a step in the right direction, but I needed more. And I've got brown/olive knit in three different weights. And that colour looks good with most of the colours of skirts and trousers I've got. And it fits my A/W colour plan...

I couldn't resist a pattern experiment, so I didn't make a basic which will go with anything. However, I did make a long-sleeved top which will go with trousers and some skirts and it taught me more about my strange free-form pattern. It also provides the right amount of warmth for the weather we're having now.
And M mentioned liking my sleeves when I wore it today (and she's a designer/pattern maker with many years of experience, so I really rate her opinion).