February 8, 2011

Some random remarks...

I didn't get much further on my jacket pattern this weekend, although I did transfer the changes, made in the last muslin, to the pattern and (I hope) fixed the back. If my fix works, I may even try to do the same on the already completed jackets.

On Saturday, I did next to nothing hoping this would encourage my cold to be over a bit quicker. On Sunday, it seemed my plan had worked. I did the pattern alterations, E. and I cleaned the house and then we went shopping for new glasses. For both of us. I've worn my current glasses for over four years and now, I can't wait to get the new ones. In two weeks time...
So, there was not a lot of time left for sewing.

There are more reasons why my personal sewing time is more limited than it used to be.
1. I'm now teaching. M and I teach a beginner's sewing class at a local highschool. And it's popular. We've got two classes of two full hours each. about 20 students of 12 to 18 years old. To keep them motivated, we allow our students to pick the pattern and fabric they want, as long as it's fairly easy. Which forces us to really stay on top of things because most students are doing different things. We also teach them how to make simple alterations and decorations to customize a given pattern. Some are learning quickly and all are enjoying themselves. And I'm starting to get sufficiently used to teaching to enjoy it as well.
2. I've got another assignment. A friend asked me to make her a jacket. She's a lovely lady with a great figure but her shoulders are too wide for a RTW fit. And she noticed this. How could I say no?

All this doesn't mean I give up on sewing for myself or resign myself to simple projects. Oh no. I just think those newly acquired will all have to hibernate (hmm, that's sleeping through the winter, any clue about how to make up a term meaning to sleep through the summer) in the stash for half a year. It will be the suit, and then on to spring/summer sewing.
And, somewhere in the middle of whatever else I'll be working on, there will be this.

A few months ago Carolyn bought a similar pattern and wrote about it on her blog. I left a comment explaining how I had been given this one, V8311, over a year before and how I felt I needed some extra motivation to actually make it. I suggested a (mini) sew-along. By now, the wheather in her part of the world is cooling down enough to start considering gloves. And, of course, over here I could still do with some thin ones.
So, there will be a sew-along of sorts. Carolyn's pattern is not exactly the same but I expect the basics to be similar. My pattern is for unlined gloves, to be sewn by machine from fabric with some stretch. I have never tried anything like this before and will document the progress step-by-step. Glove-making is a complete first for me as well, so I hope we can all learn as we go along.
If you feel like joining, just say so in the comments!


  1. Sewing something intimidating like gloves is exactly why I named you as a Stylish Blogger! I couldn't find an email link so I'll let you know here in the comments. I imagine the only thing more fiddly than what I sew is gloves. I won't be sewing along with you, but I do look forward to watching their progress. And congratulations on leading the sewing class, how fun!

  2. Hibernating through the summer is aestivating (or estivating depending on your spelling preferences :) ). Isn't there a glove-making book on the vintage sewing site? If I had a pattern I would be tempted to join in as I'm still looking for the perfect long pair to wear with my Lady Grey coat, but I haven't and I have more than enough on my own plate---but I will definitely enjoy hearing about it!

    That teaching sounds very exciting---I'm glad you're getting to enjoy it! It's officially been three years since I taught anything, and I think I'm starting to miss it. Just not the marking... ;)

  3. It's so fun that you're teaching! And so amazing that you've got such great participation. You'll have to share class stories when your gang does something funny. :)

    I'm IN on the glove sew-a-long. I always buy a new pair every fall and have been so disappointed with the crummy quality.

  4. hi, Lauriana, I did get your comment, so sorry I didn't respond immediately! I've had a busy week too, so I'm thinking of starting during next week sometime? or the following? do you have a preference? I will post another thing about it tomorrow again, too...