June 24, 2012

About the twisty top

Some of you asked for a line drawing of the twisty top. Of course, this is a perfectly reasonable request but eh... It is my own design and although I can make tech drawings, I'm by no means an expert. In this case, I tried and failed to make anything which could serve to clarify the design. 
So, instead, I took a picture of the pattern pieces.

On the left is the front piece, which is cut once out of a single layer of fabric (the line. which you can just see, is to indicate the grainline). On the right is the back piece, with a cut-on facing at the top. This is cut once, on the fold. I fused stretchy, light-weight knit interfacing to the back facing. With these two pieces, I cut a striaght band of fabric for the sleeves/collar which was 27 cm wide and 75 cm long, with the straight-of-grain running lengthwise (to make it not too stretchy).

I hope this clarifies it a bit. (I am also considering to make this pattern in S/M/L and put it on Burdastyle, to celebrate 400 followers to this blog. let me know what you think about that plan ;) 


  1. Hi Lauriana, I've been silently following your blog for about two years now and I think I "owe" you a comment by now. I don't own a blog myself (love to read but hate writing).
    I really like your self-drafted projects, there are not so many bloggers out there who write about that subject. It keeps me dreaming of a time when I will have time to continue my self-drafting experiments - between 2 kids, renovating a house and work there is not that much time left. But things change and in the meantime, your blog makes up for it quite a bit. Reading about patternmaking and beautiful clothes is the second best to doing it yourself.

    Regarding you plan, yes, yes, I would love to use your pattern. This style of t-shirt is office appropriate (for me) and can be worn on a playground as well - great. So if you find time, I would really appreciate it.



  2. I read your blog via Google Reader and you have 895 followers on there :)

  3. That would be a great idea. It's a different look from any of the other twist front out there.

  4. This is a fabulous original pattern. Thanks for sharing your work. It would go like hotcakes on BurdaStyle!

  5. What a great top! The pattern looks way more complicated than it is!

  6. I would love to make up your pattern if you did publish it on Burdastyle! Failing that I'll have to try to copy it myself... but I would probably get to it much faster if I have an actual pattern to work from. :)

    Congratulations on 400 followers!

  7. Hey, I am also a lurker who adores everything you make, but hey, this is the most brilliant thing I've seen in a while. Took a big pause from sewing because nothing inspired me, but this top would definitely get me sewing again. It's just beautiful.

  8. Hi!
    Another blogless reader here, who does not dare to draft her own patterns but loves your style and is in awe of your skills!
    Yes, I would sew the top pattern, it is lovely. Than you for a very nice blog.
    Isabel, reading from Berlin :D

  9. Please do make this up. I really like it. I've been lurking - I'll follow you so that I 'count'. :) Up to a 42 bust would be fabulous. Just sayin'.

  10. Yes, please share, I love the top and would definitely enjoy making one for myself :-)

  11. Thanks Lauriana for sharing your skills and creativity. I would love if you had time to share the pattern. I made one of your tops before but chose a terrible fabric :0(