September 14, 2013

To the sewing machine!

You would guess that all the new inspiration for autumn would have send me straight back to the sewing machine after my holiday, wouldn't you?
Well... Not so much. I've been sewing all right, but only at work. Which has been pretty crazy this past week and will continue to be so for another two weeks.

But tonight, I plan to start a new project.
It going to be another bathrobe/morning gown/house coat but not for me. It's for the man in my life. 
I made E a very simple cotton robe a couple of years ago which he has worn a lot. However, I was cutting frugally back then and as a result, it has always been a bit on the short side. And it doesn't have quite as much ease and/or overlap as he'd like. This is going to be a more elaborate version.

I planning on making something like this. Ankle length, with a shawl collar and a generous A-line shape, closed and cinched with a waist tie.
E has approved the sketch ;)

And this is the fabric I'll be using. Rather nice, shirt weight, cotton in a black-and-white check. And maybe I'll use some thin ribbon to accent that collar and make the tie in plain black fabric.

I think this robe will meet E's needs nicely. 
I looked at some robe patterns and tutorials (for both men and women) and was surprised to find that nearly all of them had a completely straight body shape. This may be fine for a knee length version (which, of course, many are) but I think it would make for an over-fitted skirt in a long one. 
I'm going to start on the pattern tonight.
I hope to show you the end-result in the coming week.


  1. Straight robes are fine as long as there is enough ease. That's why a lot of them are drop-shouldered. The underarm is a few inches away from the body on both sides and falls straight down from there. That's why they need to be cinched in with a tie belt at the waist.

  2. I always associated bathrobes with some thick soft fabric for comfort and warmth, isn't the shirt cotton a bit too thin? Maybe I think like that because Autumn is definitely coming here and I really want to wrap myself in something cozy and warm after a bath or after getting out of bed in the morning. And my husband feels the same! *^v^*
    Thumbs up for the A-line, straight bathrobes are not good, you cannot wrap yourself properly, the legs stay out of it. ^^