October 6, 2013

Even more twisting

We all know the twist designs Burda and other pattern magazines put out from time to time. They're often popular and that's no surprise: When well designed, twist designs can be very flattering for a whole range of body shapes. 
Which also goes some way to explaining why the twist tops are the most-made designs from the Pattern Magic books (judging from what I come across on blogs and on Burdastyle). 
I've made tops and dresses with twist designs quite a lot: starting with this top way back in 2010, through to this one, this summer. And of course, I also made a top using Pattern Magic's Flip Turn (which is basically just a modified twist) and put a twist design of my own out as a free-to-download pattern on Burdastyle. What can I say? I guess I just like the look. And I especially like messing around with it, changing details and coming up with new versions.

In this past week, I made another one. The basic top is a fitted t-shirt with an extended shoulder. It has twists on the front, between the shoulder and chest and the collar has been pulled through the loops formed by those. 

It was an experiment, so I used a cheap fabric from the stash. Thin cotton jersey in that brown/olive tone I seem to find so much of. Fortunately, the colour suits me. It looks a bit crumbled in the pictures but I had been wearing that outfit all day.

The top came together pretty much as I had planned. I just had to improvise a bit with the collar. I had cut it to fit the V at center front but with the front seam sewn up, that made the neckline a bit too tight. So, I only stitched about a quarter of the center front seam and let the rest fall to the inside. Those pieces stay in place just fine, so I decided to leave it like that. 

I'm happy with how it turned out. I really like the shape of the neckline and it doesn't even tend to gape. And it also looks well tucked into the waistband of one of my 1950's style skirts.

We had great weather today so we took pictures on the balcony again. The sun was really nice but it made me squint in nearly every picture. At least in this one you can see the view.


  1. Your twists are flattering and well placed. Great stuff.

  2. Nice design! I really like the idea of the twisted patterns, they are a bit mysterious, I always think that "that can by done, it's a fabric magic!". *^v^*
    Btw, there should be a garden on the roof to the left from your balcony, you'd have a nice view then! *^o^*~~~

  3. I love that design! Very nice work.

  4. You're a genius. I've had those books for years now and not attempted any of the designs. Perhaps during the break....

  5. Wow! You did a great job working that twist. It looks like it would be complicated to understand by reading a pattern.