February 6, 2014

A different vintage

On the same day I found and bought the Harmien's patterns, I found something else: Two pattern magazines which belong to the Frohne system (a system like Lutterloh, with miniature patterns which you have to enlarge using a tool which you used to buy with your first set of patterns. Lutterloh uses a scale ruler, Frohne's is a bit more complicated and resambles a big drawing compass.  I bought a 1950's set of patterns with this tool last year but I still have to try it out), autumn 1971 and winter 1972.
I'll show you the first one in this post.

I don't usually go for 1970's patterns. Just a bit too recent for me. I have a couple of Marion magazines from the decade, but that's it.
I like these though.

Although, 1970's coats are nearly always to my taste. I would definitely wear these.

And the one here on the right.

I'm less sure about the suits and dresses.

As you would expect, 1971 still looks pretty sixties in a mainstream magazine like this. If I only saw the picture of this suit, I'd date it a couple of years earlier.

Apparently, loud prints and weaves in bold colours were all the rage.

These two pairs are the only trousers in the magazine. The slight flares look like a shape I've worn a lot. I don't know about the outfit on the left but I would love to have those boots…
Oh, and the hooded dress is fun too.

Compared to the earlier Frohne publications I have, these designs are very nicely illustrated. Back in the 50's and early 60's, you would get just a couple of photographs (usually in black and white) and drawings of (often) mediocre quality for the rest. Clearly, printing techniques had improved over time and the reproduction of (colour) photographs was much cheaper in the 1970's than before.


  1. Now that's something I haven't heard of - magazines with miniatures sized patterns. I swear, I love how sewing was done in the "olden" days.

  2. I would love to see a pic of the tiny patterns and the drafting device. Sounds like fun.

  3. I must have a soft spot for the 70's - these are all gorgeous ;) Thanks for sharing ;)