February 17, 2014

Frohne again

Here is the second Frohne magazine I mentioned. It's from the winter of 1972 and it pretty much continues the trends seen in 1971.
I'm studying these a bit better now because I think I would like to make something from either of these magazines as part of my vintage pattern challenge. I'd love to try this strange pattern system.
This is what the patterns look like:

All those dots are 'anchor points' which you use when enlarging these with the special tool. I will make sure to document every step in the process when I get started on one of these.
But for now, let's enjoy the looks:

Again, there are some really nice coats and jackets are some rather simple dresses in really bold prints.

The interest in headgear seems to have increased. A lot of the outfits in this magazine are styled with turbans, berets and floppy felt hats.

Some of the styling is rather odd. These really look like youngish models with grey hair dye… 

This party wear spread is particularly wacky. It seems like they put the outfits for some very different festivities on these pages.

This suit (or at least the jacket) on the left is one of the designs I'm thinking about making.

Do you like the designs from this decade? And if you remember the 1970's firsthand, do pictures like these make you feel nostalgic or just a bit horrified?


  1. I'm interested to see how you progress through this project, especially the process of enlarging the patterns.

  2. could you please make every one of these? pretty please?

  3. I wouldn't say I'm exactly "nostalgic" for these, but they definitely look familiar (minus the hats -- I don't remember anybody in real life actually wearing the weird turbans). The horrifying part to remember is the fabric -- double-knit polyester EVERYTHING. It had only recently been invented and so it was a huge fad for a while. The main selling point was that it didn't wrinkle. No more ironing. We must have really hated ironing. :) think if you made any of these out of some nice, natural fibers, they would look great.

  4. I get mixed feeling seeing the pictures. I love the plaid items and the pleated skirts, the lady in the green coat with leather belt is just lovely. Love the fox fur hats too! The big floral patterns are horrid, but I think the lines are nice. Excited to see your makes ;)

  5. I am always very inspired by old pictures like these, I love the quality of the color in the photographs. I think some of the sleepwear would be cute as regular wear!

  6. oh I Love the collar on that suit jacket! This season was when I was born. I love the styling and silhouettes, but that old polyester makes me cringe.

  7. I am nostalgic for the 70's and have a few of my parent's RTW still, but yes, polyester wasn't the greatest for comfort!! The fabric patterns are so awesomely OTT & looking closely, there are some lovely design lines hidden underneath them. - and pockets, one can never have too many, even it they are all oversized patch pockets...