October 1, 2014

Highest recommendation

This one goes out to the lovely people from the Claymore Guesthouse in Pitlochry. We stayed there for one night towards the end of our holiday in Scotland. It was a very nice place to stay, in a pretty town, in a very beautiful area so it was a bit of a pity we couldn't spend more time there. 
However, when we left, I made the mistake of not checking the wardrobe. Where I had hung my lovely tweed jacket...
I didn't find out about it until we were unpacking in Edinburgh, late that afternoon. I called the Claymore Guesthouse and they had already found my jacket. They offered to send it my home address, in the Netherlands!
Needless to say, I was very grateful. I think this goes above and beyond the service you would expect from a hotel or guesthouse.

Today, the package with my jacket arrived and I'm really happy to have it back. This was one of my very first successful more complicated self-drafted garments. It pre-dates this blog by a few months, this picture (which is on my Burdastyle page) is from January 2009! I haven't worn it that much because it's a bit too warm to wear indoors and its double breasted relative made a better option as a light coat (especially when cycling). I've always loved it though and really enjoyed wearing it in Scotland. In fact, I was looking forward to wearing it a lot more this coming winter...
And now, I can and will.
The Claymore Guesthouse was already on my list of places we'd like to stay again on our next trip to Scotland, and now, of course, it tops that little list. 


  1. That was so nice of them! I'm glad you were able to get it back. It's a beautiful jacket.

  2. that is a gorgeous jacket and how great that you got it back. nice to hear!