November 12, 2014

Considering a coat

Way back in January, I already mentioned it: My favorite coat is at the end of its existence. I have other coats, a prettier one even but it's still hard to let go of this one. It's just so practical and comfortable. 
I didn't throw it out back then and on the few chilly days we've had so far, I reached for it again. 

And yet, it's time I made a successor for it. I've decided to use the same pattern, with some small alterations. It was always just a bit too snug at the bottom edge to fit well over all kinds of clothing I raised the notches of the collar by 1.5 cm.

I realized I had a good fabric for this coat in my stash after all: This not-at-all-stretchy thick wool knit which I bought on sale last year. 
It's burnt orange and off-white with a tweed-like effect and the weight is rather similar to that of the fabric of my old coat. 

Although this fabric was cheap, I was a bit nervous to cut into it. I really like it and it would also make a very nice unlined coat (like you see so often in stores now). On the other hand, I've really liked this pattern the first time around, so using it for this fabric might be the best guarantee that it will become a garment I'll love. 
Either way, I felt better about it once I seriously started cutting. I'll start sewing tomorrow. 


  1. I always feel nervous with the first cut, especially if I really love the fabric. I'm making a short sleeve jacket right now with some fabric from my stash. It wasn't that expensive, but I've had it for a while, and I love it so much. I took a ridiculous amount of time manouvering the pattern pieces last night before I cut anything!

  2. That first cut is always so psychologically difficult. Steady on!

  3. I remember the first time I cut into velvet; I nearly had a panic attack. It's always so nerve wracking working with nice fabric, even if you got it for a cheap price!

    Now that it's gotten cold in Texas (30 today...ew), I need to start working on my coat. I have the pattern and the wool, just need a lining and buttons! Hopefully I can successfully make a coat before spring!