January 8, 2015

Choices, choices...

Yesterday, I cut the fabric for my dress. For the outside, that is. Such beautiful, soft luscious wool... 
Early this morning, I cut the bodice lining: A thin smooth black cotton which I also used as an inner layer on the bodice of my plaid dress. I think I will prefer this to using lining fabric. That is usually fine for skirts and coat and jackets but I really don't like its worn directly on my skin. Cotton may not slide as easily over other fabrics as lining material or silk but it won't have to in the bodice. And in the other dress, I never have issues with this cotton sticking to my bra. 

So, one question remains: What about the skirt? 
I first thought about using some blue/black silk-like fabric from my stash but that is actually really nice and when I held it in my hands I started dreaming about making a nice, flowing late 1920's or early 1930's dress from it... I might have just enough for that but certainly not after I've cut a lining for this skirt.
Then, I looked in the lining drawer. There is not enough regular black lining (acetate) left but I could buy some tomorrow. There is this stuff though:

Thin silk satin in a very bright blue/turquoise colour (the colour in the picture is surprisingly accurate this time). It's so bright and so shiny that I'm not sure I would feel comfortable wearing, say, a top made from this stuff. And bright contrast linings were sometimes used for black dresses. 
In which case I would just have to decide how to use it: In a wide skirt like this, I would normally let the lining hang loose so it wouldn't hinder the drape of the skirt. But this fabric doesn't look particularly nice on the wrong side, so how should I put it in? Just for the record: I'm not going to leave it so long that it will stick out from under skirt. Oh, and I'm not sure how well the wrong side will perform at keeping the skirt away from my stockings. 
Of course, I could buy new black lining tomorrow. It's just always difficult to get something which is not too nasty and not too expensive (I know there are great lining fabrics out there. I would love to Bremsilk for coats and Venezia for everything else but those cost as much as any nice fashion fabric and are simply not in my budget at the moment).
And the vintage option would be not to line the skirt and to wear a slip or a petticoat. Which might be made from that blue stuff. Or from something black. 
Any advice or opinions?


  1. I think the turquoise would be lovely as the skirt lining and much more fun than the black.
    Will the wrong side of the silk slide against the wool dress fabric? The right side of the silk should slide against your stockings nicely.
    I'm looking forward, as always, to see how this turns out.

  2. I really like how some of your posts are just writings of your thought process. Some bloggers have this thing about posting only finished objects. It is refreshing and intimate.

  3. To be honest i think this silk is too nice to end up as a lining. I personally would make a nightgown, robe or even lingerie from it. So it would probably make a nice slip.

    1. I think I agree with Katharina. If you're unsure about how it would function for you anyway, I would save it and use it for something else. It is a gorgeous color. That shade would be a lovely skirt lining though, even in another fabric.