January 15, 2015

In progress

My black dress is for about 80% finished. It still needs a hem, the ends of the sleeves need finishing and I haven't applied the pockets yet. And there are always little bits of hand-sewing for the very last step.
For now, it's on a hanger to wait and see if that skirt will sag. It is a half circle in wool crepe so it may but I cut it in gores so the seams may hold it in check.
In the end, I used ordinary black lining for the skirt. I wanted to use blue stuff but, as it turned out, there wasn't enough of it. I might have checked that before agonizing over it....

Anyway, I had time to sew and the dress was on time-out, so I kind of had to start on something else. I had found this nice (but mystery-fibre. Not much polyester though because it doesn't cling nor melt to the iron) tweed-like knit at the market recently for only 1 euro a meter (there's plenty more of it, for those of you who are local). I was warned that there were bad parts in it, so I bought 4 meters. As far as I can tell, the bad bits are only on the wrong side. The reverse of this stuff is black but not nice enough to use as a contrast. It's very thin so the other side shines through and the knit there is kind of irregular. And occasionally, there are small holes but those don't lead to further unraveling and you can't see them from the right side of the fabric. So, considering the price, I'm not bothered. 
Now, I just have to find out whether or not this stuff is nice to wear. In which case I might just have to get more of it. 

Interestingly, this is a material which I could also use to make something for E, who is kind of overdue for some attention of the garment-making kind. 
So, he gets to be the first guinea pig for this stuff.

I'm making him a simple, zippered cardigan. With kangaroo pockets. 
After some consideration, I decided to use black rib knit for the collar, cuffs, bottom band and pocket edges.
I thought I could finish it today but the zipper I have isn't long enough...

So, coming to this blog this weekend: Actual, finished clothes!

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