February 23, 2015

Pattern pieces and bits of planning

In the comments to my previous post, some of you asked for a picture of the pattern pieces for my top. 

With a not-really-logical design like this, that is of course a perfectly reasonable request. So here they are:

I don't think you need any help with the back and sleeve, which are perfectly normal. The Studio Faro top is made in one piece but because my twist is at the neckline, I found it much easier to separate the underlying top piece. 
My top also includes a partial neckline binding which tapers down to nothing in the seams which connect the upper bust pieces to the 'shoulder straps'. 
I hope this makes it a bit clearer, and as mentioned before, I just winged this with the help of this tutorial

I didn't get round to taking more and nicer pictures of the top but I am convinced I will enjoy wearing it. 
I also have a yet-un-blogged sweater I made on the knitting machine and right now, I'm working on a pair of trousers to go with a jacket I made two years ago. I'm actually feeling a bit embarrassed it took me so long to do so. Especially since this fabric is a joy to work with and my idea about the general shape for these hasn't changed in the past year or so... Better late than never, I guess.

I find this a bit of an awkward time of year to plan sewing anyway: Obviously, it will be spring soon and I know lots of people have already started sewing for it but I still have so many nice ideas for warm clothes. Wool fabrics are my favorite to work with and my favorite looks are sort of dressy and tailored... And all of that is much more appropriate for winter-wear.
Maybe I should just go and make the corduroy or flannel dress I was thinking about before... At least those could be worn well into spring. But I'm also very temped to try and make a 1950's style suit...
And of course it's time to get started on my Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge. I suppose in that case, the obstacle is my plan to explore some new-to-me fashion eras. Those things are harder to plan because I still have to get used to the looks and I don't really think I have a lot of 1930's and 1940's appropriate fabric in my stash.
To be honest, I think I will just go on sewing until the weather really warms up.


  1. thanks for the pattern picture - I'd been wondering how this went together.

  2. Thank you. The pattern pieces just makes it so much more understandable to me. Very much appreciated.

  3. I have not thought about those seams in the middle of the bust, but I've got it now.

  4. I still love this! -Kimbersew