February 28, 2015

the suit

Ahem. I had a look in my blog archives and I actually made this jacket way back in 2011... What possessed me to wait this long to make matching bottoms? It was the intention all along and I know it has been among my sewing plans for winter for at least the past two years and very likely ever since I made the jacket. It took a lot of time and effort to make this jacket and I am still proud of it. Unfortunately, it's also a rather peculiar shape so it doesn't can't be worn with a lot of different things. The combination has made it one of those 'too good to wear items'... Which is always a pity. 
I hope that finally having a complete suit can put an end to that silliness. 

I already talked a bit about the trousers in my previous post. They are fairly basic: A shape with a slightly lowered crotch and some extra ease around the seat and thighs, tapered legs hemmed at ankle length (I know loads of people don't like that but I do. It somehow makes the whole silhouette a bit lighter and more playful. And I think it may just make me look a bit taller), front fly, narrow waistband at the natural waist, slash pockets at the front and double welt pockets with button loops at the back. 
I tried to get some pictures of the details but the camera didn't agree with so much black. That was even a problem with quite a few of the normal pictures. That and the fact that I was frowning in at least half of them. I don't know why. 

At least you can see the pockets here.

And actually, this suit is fun to wear.

I even did a pirouette...

which is more effective in a wide skirt but I don't think I have to be all serious just because I'm wearing a suit.

Oh well...


  1. What a great suit. Normally I am not a fan of ankle long trousers, but yours look great. Maybe I never dared to try them because I always feared to look short, but if you did it to look taller I might give it a try...