May 29, 2015


Gathers seem to be very much on my mind these past days... 

I have changed my plan for the orange crepe and am now using it for the EvaDress 1946 dress with asymmetric gathered design. It's about half-way done, I think.
But that's not the only thing: I'm also thinking about all the other gathered designs I could make... I have two old Vintage reproduction Vogue patterns and there are some real vintage designs from the late 1930's in La Femme Elegante and from the 1940's in Bella and Beyer Mode and from the 1950's in the Frohne book I bought recently. And then there's the stuff I could draft myself...
So many options!
Oh, and then there's that one UFO in my sewing room. A wrap dress with gathers on which I got started last year. I put it aside back then because I didn't really like it. It stayed on the end of the ironing board almost a year and I just tried it on again. And guess what? I don't see any reason not to like it anymore. It still needs sleeves and a hem and then I'll finally have a red dress!

And then, I've started to use Pinterest the way other people do, by pinning from other boards and the internet instead of just uploading pictures from my own vintage magazines. And many of the things I've been pinning recently include gathered designs:

From simple ones like this lovely summer dress,

To complicated designs like the Hattie Carnegie dress,

And loads of gorgeousness by Madame Gres.

This may just be my year of gathered designs...


  1. Can't wait to see the EvaDress on you. I love the design but the shoulders look very intimidating. I already have square shoulders!

    I like all your inspirational dresses, especially the last 2.

  2. Those dresses are gorgeous, especiallymodeled by Dovima & LIsa Fonsagrives

  3. I think the Eva dress is just perfect for you. I am also in love with gathered designs, I am working them into my holiday makes, but I am finding I need to take care with placing them so they are flattering.

  4. What stunning designs. How nice would it be if contemporary pattern makers chose to reproduce some of these wonderful things as new patterns! Anyway, I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing your interpretation of the gathered look. I'm sure it will be both elegant and very inspiring too :)