June 3, 2015


So far this week, the weather has been miserable. Cold, rainy and windy. Not much like summer. However, temperatures are supposed to go up by the end of the week. By 10 degrees in one day. That's Dutch summer for you...

Anyway, I had planned to show you my 1940's dress a couple of days ago but weather and circumstances didn't allow for nice pictures. This weekend, I'll get E to take pictures of both those trousers and the dress. 

Today, I thought it might be nice to look at some summer designs from 1951. From Bella magazine, from July, to be precise (I don't have any from June).

It starts out with a fashion editorial. Look! A circle skirt... And novelty prints!

There are lingerie patterns,

And some clothes for children. Girls and boys. The first page has this issue's "one pattern to make in different ways" design.

Then, things get really interesting. First practical day dresses with fairly slim skirts. There're nice but not really special. Although I love the one on the far left in the second picture, with the capelet.

The next pages are devoted to party dresses: Narrow bodices and romantic, full, floating skirts. Or that sleek and sophisticated one.

And finally, some looks for the beach. Six outfits, each made up of two or three pieces to give the wearer both a look for on the beach and one for on the boulevard. How cute is that design with the bathing suit? Or that cool look with the trousers? Maybe I should consider making one of these...


  1. These are great to see! I am really interested the girls' and boys' knickerbockers. That is a surprise to me.

  2. I love the last picture, it has so many great ideas. I want to make that dress with button on cape. Pretty as a picture and very simple.