June 17, 2015

Summer sewing in 1932

Today, I thought I would share the designs from one of my vintage magazines. This is Gracieuse magazine nr. 11 from 1932. This magazine appeared twice a month which makes this the first of its issues for June. 
There is a pattern sheet with a few of the designs on it (about a third of them and each in one size only), the rest was available through a mail order service.

All those lovely clothes and then some embroidery designs, recipes and this, an article in the category "the care for our appearance". This week's topic is "sport and beauty" and seeks to answer the question "does the practice of sport make you ugly. Just in case you are wondering, the answer they come to is "No, on the contrary. At least, if sport is practiced in moderation and one steers away from un-feminine sports like boxing and football"

And my favorite design from this magazine? The black-and-white dress in the fourth picture. And the pattern is included, just one (or two) size too big for me. The miniature sketch on the pattern sheet reveals even more of its charm: Those raglan sleeves also form the entire back bodice of the dress. A back bodice which has a cut-out at center back. 
If only I had suitable fabric for it in my stash...


  1. What heaven it must have been to get a fashion/pattern magazine twice a month! I can imagine subscribers' excitement when they arrived.

  2. Strangely, I'm drawn to the "overalls" style of dresses that you would wear over a blouse, as shown in the sixth photo. I rarely wear dresses, but I love separates, and think this is a style that hasn't been explored in recent decades.

  3. The design of your black-and-white favourite is marverlous.
    I enjoy your posts on these old magazines -I enjoy looking at those pictures evern tho' I doubt those styles would flatter my curvier shape.
    My fvourites are on the 10th plate. I'm not sure if they are dresses or suits, but I like the way they look -and I am always drawn to plaid.