September 6, 2015

I'm back!

Hi everyone! My apologies for my silence over the past two weeks. I know lots of bloggers announce their holidays but I still hold to the old rule of not telling on the internet that you'll be away from home... 
I had actually planned to write the occasional post but it just didn't happen.

For the past two weeks, I was in Austria with E. We've done a lot hiking in the mountains, made use of the local ski lifts to get up an even higher mountain (the Volluga), done some bouldering on a slope near Galtuer (very nice but we could have done with a good clear description of the area and where the climbing routes are) and visited the lovely city of Innsbruck. 

For most of the time, the weather was excellent, on the last three days it was cloudy and occasionally rainy. And yesterday morning, when we were driving back, there was snow on the peaks of the mountains...

Summer is definitely over. Back here in the Netherlands as well. 
Sewing-wise, I still have a half-finished dress which I started working on before I left. It's cotton and has short sleeves so I may still get to wear it this month. After that, it's time to start on proper autumn sewing.  Fortunately, I like that.

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