October 29, 2015

Warm dresses for chilly October days

That is the title on this issue of Gracieuse magazine. It's magazine nr. 19 from 1933, to be precise (it was published twice a month).
I has been ages since I last showed you any vintage pattern magazine goodness here so I thought it was high time.

I've photographed whole pages this time so you can get an idea of the lay-out of the magazine. I just love the art deco design of the title here on the first page:

The first page always has a short article about the current trends in fashion. This one is about the new suits for autumn. The outfits in the drawing are the magazine's own designs though, and the reader could order the patterns for them.

Then, we get "new elegant dresses for tea and cinema visits". Such an interesting concept. I wouldn't have guessed that those activities would call for the same kind of outfit. Maybe it is just because both are informal public outings.

The next page is dedicated to "the evening gown". The second one from the right, the black dress, is the design I sewed up (with lots of trouble) earlier this year.

"Suits from new wool fabrics for autumn"

"The short fur coat"

"The new blouses"

"Simple wool dresses with wide shoulder decorations". These are 1930's silhouettes the way we all recognize them!

The last page with sewing patterns always has a lot of back views and some simplified versions of the designs which have already been shown. 
After that, there are the craft pages with embroidery designs and other craft projects and one or two other articles. And somewhere on a separate sheet of paper is the supplement with the patterns... Usually on both sides but every once in a while, one side is full of embroidery patterns instead. This magazine is one of those so I was actually quite lucky that it included a design I liked in my size...

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  1. I adore the idea of having a whole separate outfit for 'tea visits' - definitely something we should bring back into fashion. I love the little side ruffle on the first dress on that page as well