November 1, 2015

Are these trousers?

I've made new jeans! Remember that 1.10 meter piece of denim which I wanted to sew from? 

Well, I got a lot of nice suggestions and I thought about it for a bit longer. I even started to draft those 1970's style flares, only to realize that I really need more fabric for a style like that. 
And then, I had another look at the past summer's fashionable culotte styles... And noticed that the jeans ones had more fitted, trouser-like shapes that those in more drape-y fabrics. Shapes that would work for this amount of fabric.

So, I made these. As a pattern maker, I would say these are not culottes. I drafted them based on my trouser block so I don't really think so. It is also fairly fitted at the hip and crotch unlike a traditional culotte draft.

I considered using my loose fitting trouser block with the slightly lowered crotch (which I used for my retro jeans) but this fabric is fairly thick and heavy so I went with the normal sloper instead. 

The pattern is fairly simple. It has classic jeans details at the top: Back yoke,  scoop pockets at the front, patch pockets at the back. The legs reach to 24 cm below the knee and they are completely straight from the hip down.

I just managed to cut all the pieces from those 1.10 m of fabric. With only very small strips of fabric left over, there was not enough for a fly shield. So, I cut that from red cotton instead. It is thin cotton so I interfaced it with fusible cotton. 

To make that bit of red make sense, I decided to use the red cotton for all the unseen little details: Pocket bags, the binding on the waistband facing and the hem facing. 

I'm really happy with these jeans. They're fun to wear. Today, it was still fairly warm but I can also see myself wearing these with boots and a jacket in the coming winter. 


  1. Oh, I love these--the red facings are a fun detail! Very stylish and they look comfortable too.

  2. What a fabulous make! Wish I could draft patterns; you are very talented.

  3. They really suit you! I love the splash of red at the hem, and matches your shoes too!

  4. They really suit you! I love the splash of red at the hem, and matches your shoes too!

  5. They're a great shape....and those shoes are fabulous