March 16, 2011

Details, details, details

When making the jacket, I didn't take pictures of every step of construction. I showed you the dart-and-pocket thing but there are so many tutorials on bound buttonholes, pocket welts and padstitching that I didn't feel the need to add any of my own.
So, the details in this post are all on the outside. The pictures don't look great because I had to lighten them to show the detail. But, since I don't think these features would show up in an 'all over' photoshoot (not even in the best of light) I thought they deserved a post of their own.

My new jacket has:

pocket with welts and flaps. My best yet, I even managed to get the welts at the angle.

bound buttonholes. These were made way easier because my sewing machine will automatically stitch the 'window' for a bound buttonhole using the buttonhole foot and a certain setting. That's how I managed to create such narrow welts.

fabric covered buttons. Just from one of those 'cover your buttons'-kits.

back vents, neatly lined.

and, just to add an extra touch, piping between facing and lining.


  1. This is just gorgeous. Well done!

  2. These details definitely deserved their own post. Strangely, the piping is my favorite detail of them all.

  3. Wow... beautiful details. It must be a pleasure to wear such a nice jacket =)

  4. A new sewing video blog that you may like.

  5. Magnifique! This will last you a lifetime, and be a pleasure to you every time you slip it on.

  6. Wow indeed! Such wonderfully executed details. I hope you're wearing it all the time :-) I know I would.