March 9, 2011

Time flies...

Oops, I really didn't mean to stay away this long. Eh, life getting in the way, I guess. That, and the wish to show you the jacket in a fabulous, completed state. And people, fabulousness takes a serious amount of time....

First of all, as you will have noticed, I'm not taking part in Me-Made-March. I like the concept, but I'm always wearing things I made anyway, so it would feel a bit like cheating. Also, I don't think I'd like taking pictures of myself everyday. I really respect those of you who do, and do it well...

Over to the state of affairs here then?
The jacket is very near completion. The lining is in, it just needs to be attached at the hems, and the hems themselves need... ehm.. hemming. I also still have to attach the facing-side of the bound buttonholes to their front but I prefer to do that last, when the jacket doesn't have to be turned inside out anymore. And then, I'll have to confirm my choice of buttons (or reject them and find others of the same size...) and sew them on.

After that, I'll make another jacket, as an assignment from my friend J. I'm finished with the pattern (apart from a little bit of tweaking of the sleeve heads) and we will go fabric shopping tomorrow.
I suspect I will squeeze in a quicky skirt and/or knit top at the same time. I am getting rather excited about fabrics and colours for spring. I already found several things in my stash and on sale (like: it-really-must-go sale) at the market which will work well with those of the supposed new trends that I like.
I also plan on making trousers to form a suit with the jacket. I have enough of the same fabric for those, but I will consider their once the jacket is done. I originally planned wide, straight legged trousers, a la Dietrich's. Now, seeing the jacket evolve, I am thinking more towards narrow and tapered... but I'll see when it's
done. I will very likely ask your opinions again.

I going to leave you now with some pictures of different fashions in jackets during the second half of the 20th century (which I scanned for a 'jackets throughout history 2' post. However, there's no complicated defining of terms or historical stuff involved now. These were just changes in fashion, so I guess the pictures sort of speak for themselves).

utility wear (Ok, that's from the 1940's of course. but I just loved the pattern drawing)

1960's, by Mary Quant

early 1970's, by Ossie Clark

and 1980's by Armani

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