March 15, 2011


It's done. I've finished the jacket.
Sure, I will probably give it another pressing and it certainly deserves a more glamorous photoshoot than this one. But the important thing is this: the sewing is all done. I did the final bits of handsewing last night.

These are just some quick pictures of it, taken when I came home from work today. They don't show a lot of detail, even after a bit of lightening, but you can at least see the pocket and, of course, make out the silhouet.
I hope I can convince E to take some better pictures this weekend (hopefully with matching trousers, but I'm not sure I'll be fast enough at making those).
By the way, what trouser shape would you prefer with this jacket? Now that it's finished, I think it could go with any shape I wear...

This jacket is all about old-school tailoring. There is horsehair in the front and collar, the hems and also in the sleeveheads, to keep those points up.

As a result, there is a ton of handsewing in this jacket, from the basting you've seen, to the padstitching and then some in the hems. For those, I bagged the lining as usual but then, I pressed the facings, added horsehair on the inside and catchstitched the seam allowances of the facings to the horsehair, while catching threads of outer fabric onto the horsehair as well.
Although I can sew very neatly by hand, this was the ideal fabric for it. The dense wool doesn't fray very much and it just doesn't show the stitching on the outside.

I have every intention of going back to regular posting, so I will show you some details of the jacket tomorrow. And then, I'm keen to get started on spring-stuff, I want to show you a recent vintage find, I may do a tutorial of a simple project I'm planning and I may just give away a multi-lingual pattern magazine...
Stay tuned, I will be back soon ;)


  1. It's beautiful! The fit is amazing and the style suits you so well. Congrats! I could picture this with a wide leg, cuffed trouser. Your work is an inspiration!

  2. Oh, it looks good, totally worth all the work! And I love how those shoulders turned out. I can see it with some classic, straight legged trousers to start, but I think you're right, any style would work. Or a pencil skirt. Yay!

  3. Looks great! Cool shoulder detailing. It's a very versatile jacket!

  4. fantastic! perfect fit. I love those pointy shoulders

  5. Your jacket turned out PERFECTLY. I'm so glad you chose to go with the strong shoulder. I just love it! I agree that it could pair with any of your existing trousers or even skirts! Maybe something with a godet or six?

    Just lovely Lauriana! Hope to see more pix soon.

  6. wow, MAJOR yes. i love those shoulders!

  7. This jacket is fabulous! It looks so well made and fits you perfectly. Love it.

  8. Wow, it looks great, the collar rolls beautifully.

  9. Great silhouette, can't wait to see more photos! I'd like to see it with wide legged trousers. Nice work!

  10. Your jacket looks great! Congratulations! I've been trying to make one myself but the right fit is turning out to be trickier than I expected. After Muslin 3 I've decided to put it to the side for now.
    I'd love to see more construction details on your jacket as it will be very helpful when I go back to mine. Congratulations once again on a very nice garment !

  11. It looks amazing!!!
    I love love love those shoulders!
    And I can see this being worn with just about anything. I'm looking forward to seeing some better photos, perhaps in a really bright strong light to show off those details all the better...
    Congratulations! I can only hope my stab at that "couture" pattern Vogue 8333 turns out a quarter as nice as your beautiful jacket here...

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  13. Fantastic job!! Thanks for showing the inside photo, too...

  14. Beautiful, simply sophisticated, that jacket will get a lot of use for years to come.