May 25, 2011

It's an outfit-post!

Really, it is. I know it's been a long time since I've bothered to record any of the outfits I actually wear. But this one is interesting: not only is it all 'me-made' (most of my daily outfits are) it also uses a little-worn old creation as an eye-catching piece. And now, I am happy with it.
(Also, I've been extremely busy these past few weeks, so there hasn't been any personal sewing...)

This is the outfit I wore yesterday:

You may recognize my jacket, made with leather from my boyfriend's old coat, and if you are a very dilligent reader of this blog, you may even remember the red top. The item I was talking about, however, are the trousers. I'm pretty sure I made these after I started this blog... but I'm also pretty sure I didn't post about them before. Even though I considered it.
The point was: I never quite knew how to wear these...
I made this pair of trousers after seeing these from the Dior A/W 2010 show:

This was sort of a Poiret-inspired collection and I just loved the effortless chic of those wide, loose, interestingly shaped trousers. So, I drafted something experimental and tried it out. However, it was hard to find affordable fabric which had the amount of drape needed for a garment like this, and wasn't pure polyesther. This one is viscose/rayon and was only sold in dark blue.
Which made it very difficult to fit into my black-heavy wardrobe. So far, it hasn't seen a lot of wear.
Yesterday, it occured to me to try again. Viscose is nice to wear in warmer weather and I've made a lot of different tops recently. To me, the red completely saves it. I believe it even allows me to wear it with the black jacket. And indoors with my black version of the tiny shrug.

In this picture, you can see the shape of the trousers a bit better. By the way, they have in-seam-pockets. If anyone is interested, I could post a semi-tutorial about them because it would be very simple to make a pattern for these from just about any pattern for elastic-waisted trousers. Just let me know.


  1. Here is one vote for a tutorial.

  2. Lovely! These are very interesting pants! And I, for one, think that old chestnut about not wearing navy with black is silly, navy and black look fabulous together! As you are proving here!

  3. Great outfit!!! Love the colors!

  4. I love the pant. will be happy with the tutorial.

  5. Yes i want the pattern tutorial of this pants if can kindly post it to me

    1. It's in the next post!

      and P.S. if you comment as "unknown" and don't give other contact information, this is the only place where I can answer your question.