May 31, 2011

That trouser pattern

Some of you expressed an interest in the pattern for the trousers I showed in the previous post.
In fact, it's a very simple pattern. I guess it would be easiest to start out with a pattern intended for elastic waist/drawstring trousers. Then, all you need to do is re-shape the leg-pieces like this:

I have made this drawing assuming the pattern has a straight leg, which has to be tapered towards the ankle. For these trousers, it is important to get the length right straight away because hemming any longer or shorter is not easily done. The outward flare starts at about hip level and the point comes at about knee height (or half the length of the pattern piece, which is a bit higher but still OK because it will hang down when worn). Of course, the point needs to be the same at front and back. If you want, you can add in-seam pockets in the side seams the way you would add them to any other garment.
If you are starting with trouser sloper or a normal basic pattern (and you want the trousers with elastic or drawstring like mine), make sure to widen the upper part until it is as wide there as at the hips and add an extra bit on top, as wide as the elastic you will use, plus seam allowance.

You will need a rather thin and drapey fabric for this design.

As usual: let me know if anything isn't clear to you, and if you make anything based on this tutorial, I'd love to see it, so if you blog about it or post it on Burdastyle, please leave a comment with the link.

(P.S. I'm pretty sure the designer trousers which were my inspiration were constructed differently but I thought it would be best to give you a pattern adeption which I tried and tested)


  1. I'm so glad you posted this. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for posting the construction diagram. it is very useful, will try it on my DD's trouser draft and will surely link back.