May 20, 2011

What to make for the month of June?

Just suppose you were to consider this question 40 years ago. Here in the Netherlands, you could pick up this issue of Marion.

It had all the new trends: little tops, like the one on the cover,

folklore-inspired dresses,

some dresses with clean lines, which came with the recommendation to make them in white. Seriously, does anyone recall a summer when white was not an 'in' colour?

The month's trend item was a choice of midriff-baring trouser-and-tank-top sets, made in stretchy crushed velvet.

There was also summery eveningwear,

and tunic suits were hip for day and night.

And of course, the children weren't forgotten either. After all, what would 70's Marion be without some scary drawings of kids?

In all this, it seems like the fabric of choice was printed polyesther-cotton blend. This scares me a bit. Have you ever felt 70's polyesther blends in a vintage store on in your mother's or your own shelf of 'clothes which time forgot'? That stuff is so plastic-y, I can't imagine one would enjoy wearing that in summer...


  1. My skin crawls just thinking about polyester.
    Those kids in the illustration are truly creepy!

  2. I'm with Big. 70s fabrics are very, very scary (I was not alive during the decade, but I had a lot of hand-me-downs)

    Some of those outfits, on the other hand, would be super cute in the right fabric... I especially love some of those folkloric dresses.

    Those are creepy children...

  3. The stretchy velvet suits are so "Austin Powers"! And eeeeeew for the polyester knit. That stuff will still be around long after we're all dead. Eeek!

    I could totally rock one of those tunic suits!

    Go Marion! LOL

  4. I love your posts about the 70's Marion-magazines! They bring back happy memories for me. (I'm Dutch too). I remember my nextdoor-girlfriend and me having catwalkshows. One of us would do the showing and the other would choose an outfit from the magazine and describe it in real (old-fashioned) catwalkstyle: Here we have Karin, she's wearing..... (and then the description would follow). We had a lot of fun doing so.

    What I always find very intriguing about 70's fashion is that the end of the decade was so completely different from when it started. There was so much going on, fashionwise, in those ten years. I find that pretty amazing!