September 8, 2011

Getting there...

This is a pretty bad picture, I know... I just wanted to show you I have actually been doing something.
This is what E's jacket looks like now. It will be come a casual jacket, shaped like a classic blazer. It's made from black twill and will remain unlined. I used flat-felled seams where I could and applied bias binding the edges. The shape looks weird now because the coat hanger is too small for it. I'm also not entirely sure about the top lapels. Their points may be a bit too long. I could reverse-engineer the collar the make them shorter, but I don't think I should get ahead of myself here. Let the man try it on first...
The jacket is now waiting for him anyway because we have yet to decide on a pocket style. Classic welt pockets are not an option because the jacket is unlined. I considered Carolyn's fancy double pockets but E. has something similar in an old store-bought coat and he doesn't those. And he has that typical men's habit of putting everything in his pockets so whatever kind of pockets he get, they'll have to be functional.
The poor guy is having a madly busy week at work, so I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to let him try the jacket on and discuss pocket options. It's a good thing that better weather is predicted for this weekend, otherwise I'd be worried he wouldn't even get to wear this jacket anymore, this year.

P.S. Thank you all for the great comments on my 'retro sewing' post. I've read a lot of very valid arguments. And I had no idea so many of you are drafting patterns as well. This is definately a subject I'll return to.


  1. Actually those double pockets are very functional, and my boys put everything in them! Keys and wallet in the snap closed bit, and their hands shoved deep down in the front welt part, and a pocket has to be pretty sturdy to withstand that treatment.
    In my (limited) experience, men prefer function and comfort over looks.

  2. Good luck on figuring the pockets out---it's looking really good! My husband has an unlined jean jacket with single-welt pockets, so it can be done---the interior finishing isn't super-gorgeous but it's fine.

    It's looking good---I'm pretty sure no one but you will even notice the lapel thing. :)