August 2, 2012

Here I go again...

This is shaping up to be the year of the jumpsuit... This is my latest creation: a playsuit which is a bit more like the jumpsuits and playsuits you'd find on the highstreet: an easy-fitting one. 

I made it from a small and irregularly shaped piece of drapey viscose/rayon which was left over from one of my wilder trouser-shape experiments. 
The hot weather we've had in the past two weeks has made me realise that although I have quite a few very charming summer-y looking dresses and other outfits, I don't own quite as many which are actually good in real summer weather... After all, a well-constructed strapless dress has to be lined and boned and a tight fit usually makes a garment feel warm, no matter what the material or the construction. 

It's a very simple piece of clothing: cut-on capsleeves, a short front zipper, a waistseam with elastic sewn to the seam allowance, and short wide legs with slant pockets. (please ignore my very white legs... they haven't seen much of the sun yet)

To be honest, this playsuit is also more than a little inspired by my time working with M. In her collection, which we presented at Modefabriek, there were no less than three easy-fitting jumpsuits. However, this really is my own interpretation inspired by her esthetic. All hers had long, tapered legs and were in fact too bulky at the top and waist to suit me (although they were great on other people). 

The loose cut and elasticated waist meant I could make do with just a short zipper. I chose one of the thin metal ones I bought recently and a applied it in a favorite way of mine: like a blind zipper. I love this look for metal zippers and I'm always surprised no-one else seems to be doing this.

P.S. Tomorrow, I'm going to start on grading the twisty top. Maybe I'll do some 'progress reports' but I'm planning to upload next week.


  1. I like the zipper! I will have to try that in a project soon.

  2. wow! what a great jumpsuit! it's so chic and in the best color I think a playsuit can be in - black!

  3. oh that zip finish looks impeccable! And the fabric looks lovely to wear too. Think you will get heaps of wear out of this one!

  4. Love the zip too. Will definitely emulate - OK, steal - that idea! Silently lurking as ever,
    Sheila in Brussels

  5. I've done that with metal zips! In a favourite pair of 3/4 length side seam-free pants.

  6. Great jumpsuit! It looks perfect for hot weather.

  7. I love this, such a cool and easy summer playsuit... and the little flash of metal zipper teeth is perfect!

  8. I'm usually not a big fan of rompers but I'm loving yours! It's casual and elegant at the same time.