August 29, 2012

Tutorials by Lauriana

All the excitement about the 'publication' of the Twisty Top pattern made me think about those other tutorials I've made...
There should be quite a few. Both 'proper' ones and little things, made in response to questions about clothes I made. 
In this post, I will collect all the links for you, to make finding them easy.
Going back through all those old how-tos and tutorials, I reliased how much I've learned about making such things... So you are warned, although none of the tutorials I link to are 'bad' per se, some are definately a bit sketchy and using them may require existing sewing skills and/or insight in the workings of sewing patterns. Also, a lot of them are instructions about drafting simple patterns, without sewing instructions.

Well, here we go.

On this blog there are, starting with the most recent:

- the announcement of the Twisty Top, with link to the pattern on Burdastyle

- A pattern tutorial to turn a normal trouser pattern into one with a wide stretchy waistband (which I did for my mother)

- Some pointers on how to sew Pattern Magic's curve collar. This one is only useful if you own the book.

- A pattern tutorial for my half circle culottes.

- This one is not really a tutorial at all, I made the post as a reply to a comment. It's about the fabric lay-out for a kimono sleeve knit top. This one. 

- Here is a tutorial, pattern and construction, for this cardigan/shrug.

- Another bit of general information: my personal 'how much fabric do I need' guide.

- A little drawing about how to make this alternative trouser leg shape.

- Instructions for the pattern and sewing of a knit top which has drapey cowl front with a high back neckline.

- An explanation on how to insert a double box pleat, mostly pattern-wise. You know, like the one in this skirt.

- Instructions on how to make the pattern for my free-form top.

- A pattern how-to for this twirly gored skirt.

- Instructions for the pattern and sewing of the 'tiny shrug'. 

- A sketch and some words on how to alter trouser leg pattern pieces for different looks. 

- Instructions on how to make a back drape bit on a pencil skirt.

- A sketchy how-to for a grocery bag.

- Some revealing diagrams about the construction of a Watteau pleat, like the one I made in this dress.

- A list with sewing term translations from Dutch to English (useful for those of you who sew from Knipmode but don't speak Dutch)

And on Burdastyle there are:

- Obviously the Twisty Top pattern

- A pattern for a jeans skirt. Be warned, this is an old one and not up to the standard of the Twisty Top, it used to have instructions, but those got lost in the re-design of the Burdastyle site.

- A pattern tutorial for a 'winged cardigan'.

- A how-to on drafting a dress with front and back pleat, based on a t-shirt pattern.

- A how-to for giving a knit top a simple flutter sleeve.

- And a tutorial on how to make a very simple draped neckline on a knit top.

For all of the above counts the same thing: please feel free to use them and link to them! And I'd love it even more if you drop a comment if you've made something using any one of my tutorials. 


  1. Thanks for sharing :) Just pinned this to my Pinterest boards so I don't loose it :)!

  2. So nice of u to share ur knowhow.

  3. I made your dress with the front and back pleat - and it probably won't be the last of your patterns that I use :)
    Pictures are here: