April 6, 2015

New jeans!

When I first tried these on, I felt a bit silly about my earlier post. The look of these is barely boot-cut. 
I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on the interesting and insightful comments though. It's nice to read about other people's preferences, practices and theories about their clothes. I enjoy trying out different styles and shapes but I tend to stick with a couple of things which (I think) work for me. Like the rise. 

These trousers are fairly basic, based on my sloper, with the usual jeans features and the fit adjusted for the stretch denim. I used topstitching thread (which my sewing machine doesn't really like) for the flat felled seams and on the pocket edges and fly. There's really not a lot to say about these jeans. I think I'll enjoy wearing them though.

I have enough fabric left over for another pair but I may first go back to some other trouser styles.  


  1. I love the yoke! They may not be super flares but they are definitely not skinny. :)

  2. Fabulous fit! I love the boot cut.

  3. Nice job [as ever] My machine doesn't like top stitching thread either, but I'm getting great results using a top stitching needle and TWO reels of ordinary thread. By using two toning shades, I get a really deep colour effect...

  4. well done, they look great, i love the barely boot cut

  5. Gorgeous fit trousers, so talented...I can only dream of this!