May 27, 2013

Summer is coming

So, I finished the Lacroix shirt last week when it was raining outside. Today, the weather has turned again and it was sunny the whole day. Quite suitable for what does, after all, look quite a lot like a Hawai shirt.
And since I didn't have an opportunity to take pictures earlier...

I asked E to help get some nice-ish photographs of my new shirt. He's been doing a great job with the camera this month (like the green cape pictures) and he usually manages to capture me smiling...
He did so today as well but unfortunately our timing was quite a bit less than perfect for the light in our home. So, my apologies for the dark pictures and for those which look a bit bleached and/or grainy because I had to make them lighter in photoshop.

This is how I envisioned this shirt. Tucked in retro style.

However, I don't hate it like this either...

I've just finished these trousers, by the way. Another pair of my good old self drafted go-to flared leg pattern. Not exciting enough to get a post of their own but very welcome for day-to-day wear.

The look of this shirt is a bit out of my comfort zone. So much print. E, ever honest but diplomatic, said it looked "different but nice". 

I am loving the fit though. I added some room for the bigger cup size and although it doesn't have waist darts, I did shape the sideseams to get a bit of shape. At center back I added some extra ease to make those little pleats at the back yoke a bit more substantial (see the technical sketch in this post). 

Oh, and it helps that this fabric has just about the perfect weight and hand for this kind of shirt. Maybe it was meant for shirts...

And we made some silly pictures as well.


  1. I like it. A very sophisticated Hawaiian shirt..

  2. so glad you finished this shirt and took pics for us to see! it looks great in both looks, but i love the look tucked in with the high waist skirt. i think it makes the print looks very sophisticated!

  3. Love eeet

  4. Love the top. It looks so different tucked in.