July 21, 2013

Devil's panties ;)

Have you ever seen the movie Miss Congeniality? In it, Sandra Bullock plays a butch FBI officer who has to go undercover at the Miss USA pageant. Obviously, she catches the bad guy, while getting in touch with her feminine side. However, it's the road there that counts. Whenever I consider making or even buying red underwear, I am reminded of a scene in which SB's character is bonding with her roommate, a sweet somewhat naive fellow contestant. The other girl tells her she was never allowed to wear red panties, because, according to her mother "that's the devil's colour". When she wins the contest, SB congratulates her by saying "now you can wear devil's panties!" (or something like that, it's a long time ago that I've seen the movie, so the details I describe may not be accurate).

Anyway, I made myself a pair of "devil's panties" today. Red lycra from my stash, satin edge elastic which I bought at Kantje Boord when I was there with Melissa and red lace from the market went into making them. I used the pattern I made for my black lingerie set.
Later this week, I want to make a matching bra, but I'm still considering design options for it (and wondering why I forgot to buy any shoulder strap elastic...)


  1. the fabric combination is great they looks fabulous.

  2. Wooow thanks for reminding me of one of the first movies I went to see without any of my parents! The panties themselves are nice as well, somehow I just scrolled past your earlier thong-take on the cheeky panties (even though the rounded waist-shape is rather recognizable..), it's a nice twist!