July 16, 2013

More from Libelle

Thank you for all the nice comments on my dress!
At the moment, I'm working on another pair of trousers for E. I'm not going to blog about those because I'm using the exact same pattern I used for the last  pair. Just different fabric. The dark blue/black cotton/linen I used for his trousers and my jumpsuit last year...
It's not a very exciting project but he would really like some more thin trousers in the warm weather (he can't always wear bermuda shorts to work, after all). And it's nice he likes my sewing so well.

Today, I wanted to show you another little gem from Libelle nr.10 from 1956:

Did I mention I love those old colour photographs? Without them, you never quite realize how much colour their was in a lot of vintage fashion.

This is actually a knitting pattern.... 
And it is in my size. Well, it is in my size now, but as I would (optimistically) estimate the time it would take me to knit something this big and complicated at about half a centure, I doubt it would fit me when it's done. 
It's knitted on nr.3 needles (mainland Europe 3, I think the English and the Americans each have their own systems of numbering knitting needles, but I'm no expert). Normal ones for the front and back bodice and four double tip ones for the skirt. Which makes me suspect the entire, nicely flared, skirt is to be knitted in the round. Which would makes sense because that would be the only way one could get both the length and the fair isle/jacquard design right. 

Ehm... wow. Did anyone actually ever knit that?


  1. Someone knit up the sample for the picture!

    Besides that, I'm guessing probably not.

    And that skirt would definitely require really long double points. I wish I had some nice long onces, but it appears they have been largely replaced by circulars and I can't find any (aside from special order).

  2. The dress looks so pretty but I don t wont to think the time it will take for it to be made.

  3. Very pretty dress, but I can't imagine knitting it -- it would take forever!

  4. OMG. It is a beautiful, beautiful dress and a stunning piece of knitting. It is also completely insane. Although, my grandmother once knitted a wedding dress so maybe it's a matter of perspective.

  5. It's totally gorgeous, but wouldn't it drop like crazy? That hem would never stay so straight or the right length.