July 6, 2013

Frohne fashion

Today, I will show you designs from one of the vintage pattern books in my collection. These are the designs from the German company Frohne for spring/summer 1961.

Like the better known (and also German) Lutterloh brand, Frohne would issue "make your own" packages, containing illustrations, miniature patterns and tools and instructions to enlarge those to your own size. The tool Frohne has you use looks like a giant pair of compasses. I have it, but I haven't used it yet. I will show it to you and comment on its usefulness as soon as I do. 
Frohne doesn't exist anymore a quick Google search brought up only listings on various auction sites. Judging from those, it was around for several decades. The earliest issue I saw listed was from 1941, the most recent one from the 1970's.

For every design shown, there's a pattern in the accompanying booklet. In designing, the company tries to bring something for everyone and for every occasion: for housewives, children, older women and teenagers to go wear at home, out on the town, to school, to work, to a party or to the beach(no menswear though, but that's fairly normal for the time).

In this page, the brand's origin is showing. Only a German company would include a Dirndl pattern in a fashion magazine (don't you think so, Burda?)

So far, the illustrations were rather nice, but here, it looks like the illustrator handed his/her responsibilities over to the new intern...

Who proceeded in the rest of the book, although he/she did receive some coaching after those zombie-like creatures on that first page.

There are lots of things in this booklet I would wear and I have more... I really should try this out. If only I could find the time...


  1. Gorgeous pics! I do see what you mean about the illustrations, how funny. Thanks for posting this, it is lovely.

  2. These are great! There seems to be a lot of variety in style, in comparison with the patterns that Butterick etc. produced those years. Thanks for posting!

  3. This is so neat!! Very curious about the compass tool?

  4. There are some REALLY fun designs in there! And, I totally feel you on the not-enough-time issue.

  5. The dress with the flower petal skirt is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.