July 30, 2013

Going slowly

This week isn't bringing quite what I thought it would. I had hoped that, with emergency sewing for E out of the way and work getting a bit more quiet, I would have a chance to work on my long-anticipated crazy projects.
First of all, work didn't get quiet. I had reason to expect that, but this year, I will be busy well into September. Secondly, I did something silly/had some bad luck.
I bought a new laptop. I needed a new computer, my old desktop was getting rather slow and couldn't communicate with certain much used websites anymore (like my bank's). With the things I want from a computer and from the available space in my house now, a laptop was the best choice. The first time I used it for a longish time (other than set-up), I managed to try and type for some time while sitting on the couch with crossed legs, and the computer on my lap. This triggered a spot of old RSI (repetitive strain injury) in my right arm... 
That was last week. I've been trying to rest my arm and find a better working posture ever since. On the computer, the arm is fine now. It's when I'm behind the sewing machine that it starts to act up. I have some reason to hope it may be better if I adjust my seat but this is getting me worried. No sewing is just no option but I don't want to damage my arm either...

So, it's dreaming about sewing much more than actual sewing.
I have started drafting something new though. Something from the crazy project list.

The idea of a cowl-legged jumpsuit must have been at the back of my mind for a while now. I certainly have quite a number of sketches. I will share my rough sketches now, so please don't complain about the quality of the pictures.

 One of the triggers to really try and make it must have been watching Parade's End. I thought the (rather inappropriate) hobble dress Sylvia wore to the funeral of Christopher's mother was wonderful. In fact, like so many not-to-likable female characters, Sylvia has a great wardrobe anyway. 

Unfortunately, this was the only picture I could find of that particular dress.

In trouser- rather than skirt shape, that would kind of look like this.
Which would be rather close to a dress I was already making...

So, I went on brainstorming on paper. 

My next sketches took inspiration from what I read about Mesdames Gres and Vionnet. These three ideas were supposed to have draped bits mounted on sturdy underpinnings. And then I remembered certain of the practical considerations with jumpsuits... Such as: You can not have only a very fussy closure which you can barely work yourself.

Because I liked the draping and thought the last of the sketches above was too fussy, I moved on to this: 

Kind of a wrap design without the need for serious hidden layers. I hadn't really worked it out though.

What I'm drafting now is based on that final idea, but I altered it for several practical reasons. Like fabric width, the wishes to limit the depth of the cleavage and have pockets. 
So far, I've only tested the fit of the bodice and sleeves. Next, I'll be adding the tied drape based on a Pattern Magic design and draft those trousers...


  1. Is it this dress you have in mind?
    I love different fabrics and the draping on the sides. It might be very interesting in a jumpsuit version.

  2. Cool! I looked at the links in Brahdeit's comment and it looks quite gorgeous... I particularly like that neckline.

  3. Hi, The top portion of your jumpsuit looks a lot like the dress I'm working on right now. You can check my blog to see the inspiration and all but I was lucky enough to have a pattern manipulation how-to made by Anita from Studio Faro. Though your drafting skills are much greater than mine, you might find this interesting.

  4. I can't wait to see these in the flesh! Or, in the cloth, I guess. Hope your arm feels better!