August 11, 2014

Black and pink(ish)

A new lingerie set! 
Like many bra-makers, I make sets with two pairs of panties to one bra. And I like to make different ones using the same materials. 
This set is not very original. I made this bra pattern for a strapless bra and last year. And I used it for my cream and black balconet after that. The panties are known favorites too: Melissa's Lacey thong pattern and my tried-and-tested half-thong derived from Pattern School's cheeky shorts (because the Pattern School site isn't active anymore, it can be difficult to get hold of full pages. When I made the link, some images didn't load and I can't do anything about that).

I am quite happy with the look of these though. When I was going through my stash of lingerie supplies, looking for possible combinations, I suddenly noticed something: The tan foam and the old-pink-ish lycra actually matched fairly well. I had bought bought supplies at different times and different places and stored them in different drawers. I had always assumed (and I seem to remember I once checked it) that they couldn't go together. They might not look very good together when used on their own but I always layer something over the foam anyway. In this case, there's black lace over the bra cups. The same lace is used for the sides of the lacey thong and the back of the cheeky shorts/thong. I've used the lycra on its own on the bridge of the bra and the lacey thong and layered black stretch mesh over it on the wings and the cheeky shorts/thong. It's hard to photograph, but that's why you see the odd pink glow at the edges of the black panties. It looks better in real life.

The construction is the same as before: Non-stretch net on the bridge and the small part of the wings up to the bit of boning at the side, stronger elastic along the bottom of the bra, non-stretch tape stabilizing the top edge of the bridge and the cup edges. And my special detail: a piece of boning in the lower cup. It's a fairly common feature in strapless bras for larger sizes (traditional ones, that is. There are, of course, a lot of foam innovations which can apparently replace this). Of course, I don't really need it for support but I like the shape it provides. I keeps the lower cup from curving down, which gives what looks like a very light cone shape. Nicely retro without getting costume-y. Maybe not for every day, but why I have different kinds of bras.

I really like this new set and I'm sure I'll enjoy wearing it but I think I'll try something new for the next bra.


  1. what a great tip about boning the lower cup!

  2. Making a bra seems very challenging to me! Your set is lovely.