August 8, 2014

Sewing-related and out there

This week, I came across some sewing-related stuff which I thought was just too good not to share.
First of all, there's a magazine. I had been sent a gift-card for a specific chain of  magazine (and some books) stores. On Wednesday, I passed by a store and decided to see if there was anything interesting.
I quickly realized just how critical I've become about magazines... I found all the fashion glossies too shallow, the sewing magazines too frumpy and the art magazines too presumptuous.

And then this caught my eye, awkwardly positioned between the aforementioned categories: Cut magazine, with the subtitle "Leute machen Kleider" (which is German for "People make clothes"). Unfortunately, it's only in German, but it was just to interesting not to take home with me.

It has some kinds of article you could also find in a normal glossy, like an interview with a designer, glossy photoshoots and information about the places to go in a city (in this case Vienna).

But there's more. The contest is for a sewing machine. 

And there are three patterns included, with extensive instructions.
Illustrated like that, the sewing projects should be within the grasp of a beginner sewer. And these might get into the hands of people who wouldn't want to be seen with a regular sewing mag...

Don't get me wrong there, I've always sewn from magazines until I learned to draft my own patterns and I think they are a great resource. But let's be honest, they don't necessarily look very cool...

Apart from the sewing, Cut also contains other craft and DIY projects like how to create the marbled paint effect and things for the home which you can make from copper tubing and a nice spoof ad on the back cover. 
It is a 'maker culture glossy'. On their website, they claim to be the first such magazine in the German language and I believe them. In fact, it's also the first magazine of its kind I have seen for sale here in the Netherlands...

And then, of course, there's the world wide web (is anyone still calling the internet that?). 

I wasn't really looking for anything, but this week, I came across a blog I should have known about long ago: well-suited. It's all about patterns and drafting. Showing a strangely-shaped pattern every week and how to it can be made based on a normal sloper. What's not to love? 
A lot of designs are not really what I would make but I don't even care, it's just intriguing to look at. 

Can you believe I found both these things on the same day? My known sewing world just got a bit bigger and quite like it.


  1. Hi Lauriana. Thx for featuring our blog. :)

  2. well suited is great blog, you mind want to check this two blogs as well :
    they have pattern diagrams for several clothing pieces some of them are simple
    but others are quite complicated

  3. This Cut magazien looks interesting - I will have to check it.
    Studio Faro is fabulous!

  4. I have tried every way to find English speaking person in regards to this blogger. I love her maxidress and would love to find that blue medallion fabric. Can you please help me? Thank you, Lurene Cornelius.

  5. Sorry, I am speaking of moldesedicosmodablogspot