August 1, 2014


No cohesive post today, just a collection of random remarks, news and observations.

1. I made a bias cut dress I'm happy with. I guess my original problem was that I tried to shape the garment like I would an on-grain one (woven or knit) instead of letting the bias drape do its own thing. I don't think I've cracked the secret yet, but it's definitely worth trying more with bias cut elements.

2. I've finished my 1920's dress. 

Both dresses will, of course, get their own blog post but I'm waiting for E to help me take some nice pictures of them this weekend.

3. Today, I got to use the most unlikely of my sewing implements again. Literally translated, these are sheet sheers, a tool intended for cutting through sheets of metal. I bought them when I made my first steel-boned corset and use them occasionally to cut steel boning or decorative chain, like in this case. The tool might be overkill for the use I make of it but that allows me to work rather precisely, despite its blunt head.

4. At my usual notions-stall at the market I found these little bags with nice buttons. 3 for 1 euro. I don't really need buttons, but how could I walk past that? I mostly bought buttons (6 bags) which will certainly come in handy at some point and some which were just nice. These domed buttons covered with red fabric were just so nice... 

5. The small bright blue fabric covered buttons were less of a shot in the dark. I thought they might match a sweater knit from my stash. And guess what? ... Perfect. Now I just have to think up a garment with these.

6. I've done some repairs. I don't like doing repairs or alterations, but sometimes you really have to. I replaced the zipper on my striped summer dress  (the old one had split) and I finally did something about the boning in my shelf bust dress. That dress has plastic boning and at the time that I made it, I read somewhere that you should cut the boning at an angle to keep the strands of plastic from unraveling. Don't ever do that. All that does is provide you with razor sharp bits of plastic which will get through the lining to poke into your skin. Now, I unpicked the ends of the bones, cut off the points, slightly melted the new ends and sewed them back on covered with pieces of velvet ribbon. 
Now, I can wear that dress again.

7. Last but certainly not least: I've signed up for a hat making course. I found a flyer at my local haberdashery store and took a look at the website. I've been interested in hat making for a while but there are too many courses which are just about cut-and-sew hats, or only really let you decorate things. And I don't need a course for that. This lady however, offers lessons in blocking felt hats and making hats from bands of straw. It's the real deal. 
The course will get started in September and I'm looking forward to it. She offers lessons during the day and in the evening and also teaches sewing. Obviously, I don't know yet how good or not good any of these lessons are, but it all sounds really promising and I'm pretty sure there are places felt in case you are interested and near enough. Here's the website.


  1. Wow you've been busy, looking forward to seeing the dresses.