July 20, 2009

So you say you wanna blog??

That what I've been saying to myself for a while now... Ever since I noticed how every post on Burdastyle grew into a long story. I just didn't do it yet. Too digital. I'm still a bit in denial about understanding anything computer based, so sure as hell I wasn't keen on starting anything web-based. Well, now I'm taking the plunge.

This blog should become a bit of a mix. How-to's for sewing projects, my very personal opinions about fashion and street styles and stories (and ranting) on other subjects.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, welcome to the blogsphere! Found you via Melissa Fehr.

    The content you have up so far seems really cool.

    Ok, I'm going to be REALLY annoying for two minutes but it's actually petite main (singular) or petites mains (plural).

    (I'm sorry, I'm anal, I know! But after years of people torturing me with le petit mort instead of la petite mort, I couldn't help myself...but I'm nice IRL, once I stop correcting people, that is!)

    IF you know Pattern Review, you must know that a LOT of people have fallen in love with that dress. Didn't I read somewhere that when you submit something to Burdastyle, they own the copyrights?

    Arielle aka LaKaribane