August 13, 2009

On bolg reading...

I don't follow a lot of (sewing/fashion) blogs. Of course, I know there are some very nice bits of writing and craft out there in the blogosphere but honestly, I don't have the time or the effective system to root out the jewels among the junk and keep track of them. Besides fehrtrade, which I mentioned before, there is one other blog which I never fail to follow: a dress a day

If you're more internet-literate than I am, and love sewing, vintage or fashion, you must have come across this jewel already. Although blogger Erin occasionally shares pictures or stories of her own sewing (always dresses and skirts), that's not the main focus of the blog. Instead, the great pictures found on the web, and clever and at times hilarious writing take center stage.

It's Erin's birthday today, or maybe technically yesterday (European versus American timezones tend to mess with my mind) and what she asked of her readers is to pay a compliment to someone, anyone. Just for the sake of appreciating the world around you, and for being nice to others. Isn't that wonderful?

P.S. Pictures of the Watteau pleat dress are coming up this weekend. I've been working all day, every day for the past two weeks. Although that's great, it does mess up my photo-opportunities.

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