September 9, 2009

Getting ready for autumn

I'm a bit late in posting about this dress. I actually finished it a few weeks ago, but for the reason I posted about before, I didn't get the chance to photograph it until today. Just one picture for now, because I'm actually pretty tired and don't feel much like modeling today.

I year, I make the solemn resolution not to 'run out of season' with my sewing again. However, it's so tempting to keep making summer dresses as long as there's bright sunshine outside... I think I started drafting the pattern for this dress, really trying to keep this promise to myself this year, by the end of July. It was meant to be a wear-it-in-many-ways-dress. To make that possible, it's got a big double box pleat at the back which can be closed to the waist with buttons and fairly deep side slits, also closed with buttons. For the rest of it, this is a wide, button-down, A-line shirt dress with raglan sleeves and in seam pockets. I really like the look, as shown in the picture. The many other options, however, didn't work quite as well...

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