March 27, 2010

Of plans and resolutions

Ok, I admit, I should REALLY stop promising to write another post 'tomorrow'. Because it seems that whenever I do, something gets in the way. I couldn't even really tell what got in the way this time. The week just went by pretty fast, and loads of different things are going on over here.

One thing I worked on this week was this dress for a friend.

This is my sketch of what I am going to make, based on a sketch she gave me several months ago. I made a first muslin a while back but had a lot of trouble finding the right fabric. I found it two weeks ago: a very nice, not too heavy, black stretch twill and lycra netting for the sleeves. So this week, I made a more serious muslin in a fairly similar fabric for a final fitting.
I wouldn't be so fussy about muslins and fittings when making something for myself but this is nice fabric, she will pay for the dress, I know she has been trying to loose weight since the last fitting and I just want her to be happy with it.
She came over yesterday, so I now know what bits of the pattern need to be
tweaked. Overall, she was happy with it though.

I also promised to post some of my spring sewing plans. Well, I have scanned some sketches, but these won't be the first things I'll make. I'm not great at sketching so some things, I just can't put on paper and I usually don't plan ahead very rigidly. These things however, I've been wanting to make for about a year now, and this time I WILL make them.

First up: my bathing suit!
I've got some good double knit lycra which has a dull and a glossy side. I plan on using both sides for the suit's panels. It is supposed to be inspired by 50's pin-up style bathing suits but made up from modern materials with modern day comfort kept in mind.
I know it's got a lot of coverage for a bathing suit, but I really, really don't mind. Tanning and me never go well together anyway.
By the way, for anyone else who considers trying to make swimwear, this website has loads of useful information (although I think the lady behind it wouldn't rate my bathing suit design at all... she and I seem to go to very different beaches)

Second: a twist dress!
I loved the dress in this picture (from a 1930's Sears catalog), and realised it used the same twist detail as the (in)famous Burda twist-top. Interestingly, the catalog calls it a 'Vionnet drape'.
I made a muslin of the Burda twist top last year, just to try and understand the twist, and found more information about it online. I know how it works now and I should be able to make the pattern (the twist on the dress is not in the same place as the one in the Burda top, so lengthening that is just not an option). I will try it out in a grey jersey with a blue spiralling print.

I am really looking forward to making these, however, first I will finish another shirt for E, maybe make something for my sister as birthday gift and make one or two t-shirts and a pair of belt pleated trousers...
Please tell me I'm not the only chaotic planner in the sewing places of the wide wild internet...


  1. Love your bathing suit design! Really looking forward to seeing the final result. You are not alone, I'm also a terribly chaotic sewer, and a blog post writing procrastinator, but tomorrow I'll certainly update my blog :)

  2. You are definitely not alone there, I am just the same about planning lots of sewing, things that end up not really going together like I planned! I can't wait to see your finished wardrobe. ;D