December 20, 2010


I should be making that shirt sloper for my brother... I took his measurements over a week ago. For most of that time, I have an excuse, I've been busy. But last weekend, I had the time, and decided to read a book instead.
Today, I should have been at work with M, but she was feeling ill and resceduled. Which left me with extra time, in which I did housework and tried to get some cooking utensils needed for our Christmas cooking. And now, I'm sitting at the computer.

Reading other blogs, I guess I'm not the only one feeling less than productive in these final weeks of the year.
And we have this weather:

Some of the snow has melted today, yesterday you could barely see any space between the top of the balcony wall and the bar above it. It's been snowing regularly for the past week, and we're in for more tomorrow.
I actually rather like making my way to the freshly fallen snow. I still went to the market this morning, only to find barely half of the stalls occupied. The older layers of snow are dangerous though. In some places, cars or throngs of pedestrians have packed the snow together to form an icy crust. A slight thaw around midday only helps to smooth that crust out and make it even more slippery for the next day.
None of this will be very impressive to those of you who live in, say, Canada, but for the Netherlands, this is quite serious winter weather. We've had many winters without any snow. I would still not be surprised if all this snow melts before Christmas...
Why am I writing about this? I don't know really, I didn't want to do a pictureless post, and so I decided to take a picture of the view from my working room. And unusual weather is in itself a reasonable excuse for talking-about-the-weather...

I'm going to stop rambling now, finish reading the one blog that's open on my screen and then start on that sloper.


  1. What a beautiful scene out your window with the pretty snow and the rooftops. Since snow isn't a regularly thing with you, it must be extra special.

  2. Snow plays absolute havoc with places that aren't prepared for it :). Your balcony view is lovely, though!

    I think when snow falls then melts, falls then melts, it's way worse than when it snows and stays solidly frozen. :)

  3. Yes, it looks like a fairytale, but going somewhere really is a hassle. We are so not prepared for this weather.

  4. It looks just as cold as here in the UK! Maybe it will be cold enough for the elfstedentocht this year!

  5. You are SO not alone on the sewing lollygagging! I'm having trouble mustering the courage to cut into my sequined keep finding eleventy-hundred OTHER things to occupy my (currently not sewing) time. Argh. What is UP with that?

    Also, your snow is beautiful! Stay safe on those slick streets!

  6. Hehe, your snow is so completely the opposite of the very hot and very dry days we are getting at the moment! Your view looks like an illustration from a fairytale book to me; so beautiful. I hope you stay warm and safe. Good luck with your Christmas preparations!
    Thankyou for your comment on the Topkids magazines. I'd never of Knippie before reading your comment so I googled it. The magazine and its layout that I saw look nothing like the Topkids so maybe a different publication was responsible for the genesis.