January 16, 2011

Cardigan snatched from the brink of defeat

Finally, it was a clear day today. So, in a little break from my 'obsessing over jackets' posts, I can show you the cardigan I made last week. The one which I feared would also be destined to fail. I think I kind of saved it though.

What can I say about it? Of course I made the pattern for it myself. And I tried to be quite clever about it. I wanted a round open front with nice draping, a normal set-in sleeve and a collar. The pattern I made has no side seams and just a small upper back piece. The rest, collar, front and lower back, is all one large curved piece. I made the sleeves a bit wider than usual so I would be able to wear this over things with sleeves as well as over tank tops.
As I was sewing it together, I found out the draping ended up much more on the side than at the front. I should have realised that would happen, but I hadn't. There wasn't really anything I could do about it at that point, so I just finished it to see how it would turn out. I ended up taking about 10 cm off the original length.
I'm Ok with it now. It may not be entirely what I envisioned but doesn't look that bad and it fits really well in colour plan. In fact, it really is the kind of colour which goes with almost everything in my wardrobe and instantly brightens up any outfit.

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  1. Well, I'd consider that a good save then! How neat! I'd love to see a shot of the back showing the seaming there, too. It is a great colour, too.